3 Key Study tips

As students continue to grow, their study skills become more useful through each year of schooling. The majority of the time, students won't face their first real test until their Middle School years (7th-8th grade).

And I'm sure as a parent, you can recall when your student encountered their first scheduled test date. It went one of two ways: 1) Your student was totally fine or 2) Tears and panic!

Any and all students that fall under 1 or 2 can benefit from these helpful study tips that will later help them succeed through High School and eventually College!

It can be difficult to adopt a new way of learning. It takes will power and dedication to become a successful student. Our Tutors are very useful when it comes to keeping students confident and motivated during these tough times. We strive to bring the best out of each student so they can be proud of who they are each day!

Study Tip #1

Check Class Notes From Your Teacher (As Soon As Possible)

This is something that many students don't even think to do. Students may tend to shy away from staying after class/school to meet with their teachers to avoid embarrassment. However, it's more embarrassing to receive a bad grade on your test...

By checking your notes from your teacher does 2 things for your student 1) Creates a teacher and student connection (the teacher sees the student's efforts and they appreciate that), 2) This helps the student gain confidence when speaking to teachers and they can gain extra information that may be on their test that other students won't have access to!

Study Tip #2

Re-Write Your Notes (At least 1 week before your test)

This can be a very long process, depending on the subject and grade level of the student. But there is a method to this madness. When rewriting notes, students are able to organize and even reteach themselves the material. Students should start with a blank notebook, their checked-by-teacher notes on hand, a class textbook, a pen, and a highlighter.

Study Tip #3

Complete A Study Guide or Create Your Own (Complete once notes are checked)

Most of the time, teachers will give their students a study guide for their tests. Study guides are maps for students. Complete the study guide only after having the class notes checked. If the teacher does not supply a study guide, students should create their own. A great place to do that is on Quizlet. Students should insert everything from the study guide with their appropriate answers into Quizlet.

Paige To Page Tutors are here to help. We understand that having someone there for accountability can be comforting and reassuring for students to reassure they are heading in the right direction.

Call us today to see how we can better improve your student's school life and confidence because we are here for YOU!

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