Adjusting To Online Schooling 101

Well, the "school year" has officially begun! Thank COVID for saving you $$ on school supplies this time around. All of the kiddos are embracing their new routine of online schooling.

Parents, how are you holding up? Are you having difficulty balancing your work and your kiddos school work? Do you feel like your kids aren't learning effectively when you try to help? Are you thinking to yourself, "I'm not an educator, how do the schools expect us to do this?"

Students and parents alike are all in the same boat of uncertainty and unfamiliarity. Paige To Page Tutoring has taken the time to go through some Tips and Tricks to make your life a little easier!

1. Know The Schedule Ahead Of Time

This may seem obvious. However, we are used to the schools taking care of the school duties while we go to our own work duties. With school being solely online, it's important to know when your child needs to be logged in, when assignments need to be turned in, so on, and so forth, parents are responsible to get them there. In order to have a smooth transition, invest in an Hour-By-Hour daytime if you don't have one already. For older students, in Middle School and Highschool, grab them one too. This is the first step to making online schooling a breeze.

  • The more organized your student's day is the less stress there will be in your household.

2. Take Breaks

I can't stress this enough to parents. This is essential not just for your student but for yourself. Make sure to plan accordingly so it doesn't interfere with the school/work schedule. Plan exercise breaks, lunch, snacks, and activities. Sitting in front of a computer all day is not good for anyone! From online resources, "Many studies have found that pausing for a moment to relax and reboot is essential for achieving productivity, success, and a positive outlook on the future. This is especially true for students who spend hours huddled in front of a computer."

3. Ask for Assistance

Look, don't feel guilty if your own job is just too demanding for you to take time out of your day to work with your kids. It's okay to ask for help. That help could come from your spouse, your parents, or a hired tutor. As long as you feel good about your decision and your student is making progress, that's all that should matter. Do what's best for YOUR family!

We strongly encourage all of the amazing parents out there to try their very best to consider #1-2. And if that isn't in the cards for you, We are here to help! Paige To Page Tutoring cares about bringing ease to your family and success to your students.

Please comment below about any questions you have about Online Schooling tips & tricks!

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