How To Prepare For Midterms & Finals

The most stressful time in any household can easily be declared as the season of midterms and finals. This is the number one stress builder of K-12 students.

Students are running around aimlessly, trying to cram information into their brains with a metaphorical plunger hoping and praying for a passing grade. Parents are doing all they can to make brain food for their kids, relaxing environments; but sometimes it’s just not enough.

With exams right around the corner for some students, it’s important to prepare the mind for the big finish. I’m going to lay out 5 key tips for successful studying in order to bring a more successful outcome to each student.

First things first, do NOT procrastinate. As obvious as this sounds, many students stress about exams so much, counting their lucky stars that they will pass. Avoiding the painful hours of studying. However, we all know that’s not how things work. Waiting until the last minute will cause more stress not only mentally but also physically. It’s harder to sleep, if the student get a chance to sleep at all the night before the exam. By procrastinating, the student will most likely not receive their ideal grade.

Steps to Avoid Procrastination:

Get Study Guides Early

-I also recommend this even if its a month ahead, it give students the time to leisurely fill out each study guide before they begin studying it.

Ask Teachers For Assistance

-Teachers are more than willing to help students succeed. Just as much as we tutors are. Once the first step is completed, check it over with your teacher and sometimes, if you’re lucky, they may give you tips and hints on what may be on the exam that other students don’t know about yet!

Practice a Few Daily

-Once steps 1&2 are completed, now it’s time to study. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the whole study guide. Instead, plan out how many days until the exam and ration out 5-10 questions to learn each day so by the time you approach the exam, you are ready!

2 Days before the exam you should take a comprehensive practice test over the whole study guide!

Secondly, find a place that is beneficial to your studying. Some people do well with others while others need complete solitude. I encourage independent studying first to really have that one-on-one time with your material before you engage in studying with others.

Places To Study:


-This is the best option because who doesn’t like to be in the comfort of their own home. There are snacks, freeee snacks, your own space & maybe even your stress relieving pets.


-Get a small group together, bringing the proper material for your exam. Take turns quizzing one another or creating effective study materials

Coffee Shop

-Some people like to play the part of the studious student and it’s really crazy when you go into a coffee shop and set up your things, you tend to work harder and smarter. Order a nice drink, a tasty snack, and put some classical music into your headphones to get started.

Next, take breaks!

Seriously, it’s going to be OKAY if you take a 30 minute break from your work. It’s crucial for your mind to rest and recharge. Balancing your study and relax time is key to ensure you will be able to comprehend and retain the information. During these breaks consider some of the following: Watching Tv, taking your dog on a walk, make something yummy to eat or lay down.

Paige To Page Tutoring is here to guide each student to a successful future and it all starts with the building blocks to get there. We highly encourage students to do and be their very best because we believe they can achieve anything with the right tools and mindsets.

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