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Paige To Page Tutoring| The Tutor With A Plan

Does your student every struggle with knowing what to start with first when it comes to studying or doing homework?

At Paige To Page Tutoring, we teach students how to plan their educational routes to success. Having a plan, for anything ie, road trips, grocery runs, school field trips ect, you must have a guide of how to get there or grab what you need to have a successful time. The same goes for school, we must have a plan!

With our tutoring service our tutors create personalized lesson plans for students to fill in gaps within their educational studies.

We do this through our extensive evaluation tests, lesson plan building, review tests, and other methods to insure our students are ready to move onto the next part of your educational journey without leaving anything unfinished.

"To help my students stay organized I make study guides, make sure every week’s worth of work is laid out, and time management. It has been super beneficial with the kiddos that I have worked with to make sure the expectation for tutoring is set and both my client and I know what the plan is moving forward. Learning how to take notes online and on paper and stay organized with it all, is extremely important for those older students." -Harli Berk (K-6 All Subjects, SPED)

We will also be talking about the personalized lesson plans we create each session along with homework packets for students who are using our services as their main source of education.(meaning they are being homeschooled or are getting extra help outside of school)

As every student has his and her own learning style, each teacher has a preferred style of teaching. Naturally, here at Paige to Page Tutoring each of our tutors follows the same standards and fits their sessions to each student's needed curricula. To do this, our tutors create their own lesson plans for each student, level, and progress of learning along the way.

Here's the low down on how we create our lesson plans for each student:

1. We provide them with a short evaluation to complete over the Basics (Math and English ) before our first session even begins:

2. Once we review each assessment, we design material around the gaps in their education while implementing slowly the new material so they are improving each time and still slowly keeping on their own pace of learning the new information.

3. We use workbooks to create homework packets that go over what we learned in our session to see how well each student has retained the information from their tutoring sessions. These workbooks/homework is never in the way of our students' schoolwork and really helps each tutor to understand which direction their lesson plans will need to go in for the following sessions.

Lesson plans that are created uniquely for each student's own needs are super helpful for tutors to monitor learning progress. These lesson plans and goals are shared with each parent/guardian to ensure the desired goals and expectations are all on the same page for all. When setting up any first tutoring session at Paige to Page Tutoring, we ensure everyone has the chance to speak with our tutors prior to signing up to ensure the best fit of tutor to student even before the lesson plan books come out!

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