Tutor Of The Week: Debbie Chang

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Paige To Page Tutoring wouldn't grow without our amazing staff of tutors we have on board. We are a small group of intelligent women who all care deeply about the growth of every student we work with. We would like to show off each tutor and their special skills, client reviews along with some fun facts about them! See if these tutors will be the right fit for your family!

This week we are showcasing the amazing Debbie Chang!

Debbie has been with Paige To Page Tutoring since January of 2020! She was one of the first tutors who joined the tutoring team and has been a blessing to this team ever since. Debbie resides in Chandler, AZ, and specialized in Math, English & Test Prep.

"I am amazed every day with Debbie's dedication to her students! She seriously goes above and beyond in every way because she truly cares for her students. Her communication with the team and her clients are outstanding." - CEO, Paige Neely

Client Reviews

"Debbie Chang is the most amazing tutor. Debbie is so patient, kind, and adjusts tutoring to meet my daughter's needs. She adjusts the workload as needed and my daughter absolutely loves her!"

- Client, Paula Testa

"Debbie is patient, persistent, and connected to Levi's needs. I always feel confident that it is time well spent to have Debbie with our kiddos." - Client, Darren Wilson

Fun Facts

Debbie's Favorite School Subject:

I love history, especially world history. I was always curious about how different people were in the past and how past ideas/thoughts developed into our current understanding and practices!

Debbie's Favorite Snack:

Greek yogurt with some sweet potato and apple slices 

Debbie's Favorite Hobby:

Painting (watercolor and gouache)

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