Tutor of The Week: Harli Berk

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Paige To Page Tutoring wouldn't grow without our amazing staff of tutors we have on board. We are a small group of intelligent women who all care deeply about the growth of every student we work with. We would like to show off each tutor and their special skills, client reviews along with some fun facts about them! See if these tutors will be the right fit for your family!

This week we are showcasing the amazing Harli Berk!

Harli has been with Paige To Page Tutoring since June of 2020 and has already blown away so many clients with her hard work and fun teaching! She works closely with students that have learning differences and strives in helping them feel confident and independent. Harli resides in Phoenix, AZ, and specializes in English & Math while also helping autistic students with colors, numbers, and shapes!

"Harli brings such a fun energy to every session and each student she works with leaves with a smile on their face! I really enjoy her work ethic and transparency with me and our clients. Harli is a wonderful asset to our team!" - CEO, Paige Neely

Client Reviews

"My 4-year-old son requires particular expertise to be fully engaged and on task during his learning sessions. Harli's education and current role were a perfect match to get the most out of our son's tutoring time. Ms. Berk's patience and up-beat attitude as a teacher is just a bonus that our son gets to enjoy." - Client, Rich Callahan

"We love when Harli comes over! My kindergartener took to her right away. When he isn’t getting a concept, she works in multiple approaches to help him grasp it. They cover several topics each hour and I only wish we got more days with her!" - Client, Rachel H.

"When trying to find a great tutor for your child, it’s never easy. Personally I need someone that has a very positive attitude, lots of patience, and the ability to get my child’s focus back on tutoring; without getting irritated with my child. I found all of these qualities with Harli. She’s always so positive and happy that it just flows over to you. My son has autism and is not an easy person to tutor, but she makes it look like a piece of cake. I truly appreciate Harli, because without her my son would not have advanced to where he is currently academically. Thank you, Harli, for being such a great tutor. If you need someone like Harli don’t hesitate to request her as she truly is one of the best tutors."

-Client, Angelica G

Fun Facts

Harli's Favorite School Subject: I love English because I enjoy learning how to write so eloquently that I am able to get my point across easily.

Harli's Favorite Snack:


Harli's Favorite Hobby: Rock Climbing or learning about how the mind works!

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