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Tutor Of The Week: Mary Eichenberg

Our team is growing each day with amazing and talented tutors. Paige To Page Tutoring takes pride in our hiring process to find the best tutors across the valley. All of our tutors hold a 4-year degree and are extremely invested in helping each student gain their ultimate academic success. See how we can be the right fit for your family!

This week we are showcasing the incredible Mary Eichenberg

Mary has been with Paige to Page Tutoring since January 2021 and hasn't let the pandemic stop her from helping students in need. She is currently a 4th-grade teacher, with experience teaching k-12 and special needs students. Mary went to the University of Arizona and has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. Teaching and tutoring are both her passion and she strives to see her students succeed. She specializes in K-12 reading and writing and K-6 Math.

"Mary is such a great tutor with a ton of enthusiasm to make students great. I really appreciate her go-getter attitude and her happy spirit. " -CEO, Paige Neely

Client Reviews

Amie L

Paige to Page tutoring has been the best for our family. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and are able to work with the correct needs of specific age groups. The team is flexible and understanding. My kids actually look forward to their time with their tutor! We couldn’t be more pleased with Paige to Page tutoring and how incredible helpful and communicative they are.

Fun Facts

Mary's Favorite School Subject: Writing. She loves being able to express herself creatively and empty her brain of all her ideas and dreams in one place

Mary's Favorite Snack: Chocolate covered pretzels

Mary's Favorite Quote: “Whatever flows, flows. Whatever crashes, crashes. I only have space and energy for what is meant for me.”

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