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Tutor Of The Week: Tyler Walker

Our team is growing each day with amazing and talented tutors. Paige To Page Tutoring takes pride in our hiring process to find the best tutors across the valley. All of our tutors hold a 4-year degree and are extremely invested in helping each student gain their ultimate academic success. See how we can be the right fit for your family!

This week we are showcasing the incredible Tyler Walker!

Tyler has been with Paige to Page Tutoring since November 2020 and has been an excellent role model for the 4 students he teaches each week. " I love helping children realize that any challenge can be overcome by hard work and a good attitude." Along with his teaching abilities, Tyler has a passion for sports. He is a P.E. instructor as well which is great for students who need a little extra motivation to work. Tyler encourages students to keep moving throughout the day to maintain a healthy life style.

"Tyler is a very respectable man. I've enjoy having him on my team because he is very timely, responsible and always trying to get better. -CEO, Paige Neely

Fun Facts

Tyler's Favorite School Subject: "I always liked math. Finding out the equation to solve the problem and then methodically following the steps and getting the right answer was just so satisfying to me."

Tyler's Favorite Snack: "Mozzarella sticks are probably my go to favorite snack. I’m not a big snack guy to be honest but any time I get an appetizer, it’s usually fried cheese. "

Tyler's Favorite Quote:Sometimes, the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else.

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